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Our primary practice areas are Criminal Defense (Misdemeanor & Felony), Traffic Citations, Wills/Probate, & Personal Injury Claims.

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Probate and Guardianship Lawyer

The Law Office of James Tittle is conveniently located in League City at the intersection of 518 and Landing Blvd.  Our lawyers offer a wide range of legal services and are happy to review any type of legal issue you may be facing. Whether you are facing something as simple as a traffic ticket, need to probate a loved one’s Will, or you are looking at serious criminal charges, our lawyers can represent you and help you achieve the best results possible.

If you are facing serious criminal offenses such as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Possession of Marijuana (POM), Possession of a Controlled Substance, Assault, Theft of Property (Misdemeanor or Felony), or another type of criminal offense, call us at 281-814-5323.

Our lawyers also offer a wide range of services related to Texas Probate, Estate Planning (i.e. Wills/Trusts), and Guardianship for Children and Adults. If you need to create a Will, probate a Will, or are unsure what type of assistance you need, feel free to call our office any time.

Texas Criminal Defense Attorney:

The lawyers at the Law Office of James Tittle will represent you on any type of criminal charges you may be facing in Galveston County, Harris County, Brazoria County, or Fort Bend County.

Whether you were charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Possession of Marijuana (POM), Theft, Assault, or any other type of Texas criminal charge, our attorneys will thoroughly review your case and guide you through this frightening experience.  We will give you the experience you need and the service your deserve.

Our goal is to help you feel comfortable with your legal counsel and representation, and have a successful outcome. Let our knowledgeable team take care of you and help you avoid unnecessary penalties and undue stress.

Criminal Defense Lawyer
Probate & Estate Lawyer

Probate & Estate Planning Lawyer:

It is never too early to put a Will or other estate planning device in place.  Our lawyers can help you put all of your wishes in writing so you can have valuable peace of mind.  We can draft your Will, make medical powers of attorney, directives to physicians, and help you to plan for every conceivable outcome.  Most Wills can be completed in as little as one day. Our goal is to make this process as painless and cost effective as possible. We can email you our Will questionnaire, complete your Will before you arrive at our office, and then thoroughly review your Will and Power of Attorney documents and answer any questions you have.

When a loved one passes away you, as the executor, are faced with the task of probating the Will. The probate process consists of submitting an application to probate the Will in the correct jurisdiction; assessing the amount and validity of any outstanding debts; putting together an inventory of the estate; and also appearing in court. Hiring the right attorney can make this stressful and emotional experience more bearable.  There are several options available when going through the Texas probate process. If you need to clear title to real property you can file for a muniment of title. If its a small estate you can file a small estate affidavit. If the estate is a little more complex you will likely need to go through a complete probate administration. Our attorneys know how difficult losing a loved one is, and will do everything possible to make probating their Will a stress free experience. We make this process as simple, cost effective, and stress free as possible.

Guardianship Lawyer:

If a child or loved one is not able to make informed decisions for themselves due to a developmental or medical condition, then it may be necessary to file for a guardianship. Once a child reaches adulthood (i.e. turns 18) the parents will likely encounter issues when trying to make important decisions for their children if they do not file an application to become the child’s guardian. The same is true for a parent or loved one that is affected by a mental condition, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.  After the attorney has assisted you in becoming the guardian of your loved one, you will be able to continue making decisions on their behalf in order to ensure that  all of their needs are met. Our lawyers would be happy to speak with anyone living in Galveston County or Harris County about the guardianship process.

Traffic Tickets, Citations, & Violations. We Represent both Commercial License (CDL) or Regualar Class C License Tickets. (submit message online for price quote):

Our lawyers can assist you in taking care of traffic tickets, citations or moving violations in all the courts around League City, Friendswood, Kemah, Pearland, Webster, Texas City, Santa Fe, Dickinson, Galveston, or Houston. Our lawyers also handle commercial driver license (CDL) tickets as well. We can usually take care of your tickets or citations without you ever showing up to court. Even if you have a warrant for your arrest because you failed to appear at your scheduled court date, we can help clear the warrant and get a new court date. Our attorneys will file an attorney bond with the court, get a new court date set, and keep the charges off of your driving record.

Our attorney’s goals are to reduce your traffic fines; keep “points” off of your Drivers License to prevent annual surcharges, keep your insurance rates down, and save you time by showing up to court so you don’t have to. Do not just pay the traffic fines and court costs, hire an attorney that will help you get the best deal possible. We are here to help and will provide you with a professional and friendly legal experience to reduce stress and protect you from unnecessary penalties.

Send us a message containing the type of violation, whether or not a warrant has been issued, the location of the court, and our office will quickly respond with a no obligation price quote.

Traffic Ticket Attorney
Family Law Attorney in League City

Personal Injury Attorney:

Have you or a loved one been seriously injured? Don’t be a victim twice.  You need an attorney that will fight to get you the recovery you are entitled to.  The sooner you call an attorney the better your chances will be of getting the compensation you are legally entitled to receive. We don’t get paid unless you do.

The insurance companies want to settle your case for as little as possible. They do not care if you have unpaid medical bills, need physical therapy, or if debt collectors are calling you every day. Do not be a victim twice. As soon as we begin representing you we will work tirelessly to get your medical bills paid and get you the compensation you deserve. It was not your fault that you were injured. Do not let the insurance companies push you around. Call us today and let us fight for you.


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