If you have criminal charges on your record it can make finding a job or even renting an apartment
very difficult. There is no reason to let one mistake ruin your life.  Contact The Law Office of
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Getting an Expunction or Non-Disclosure
Expungement Lawyer James Tittle


In order for a person to get an expungement, they must file a petition in the court to have all files, such as the arrest record, removed and destroyed. If the court approves the expungement, then you can deny ever being arrested or charged with that criminal offense. There are a lot of factors to examine, so contact The Law Office of James Tittle and see if you may qualify to get a charge expunged from your record.


If you do not qualify to get your charges expunged from your record, you may still be ale to obtain an order of nondisclosure.  Once you successfully petition the court for a non-disclosure law enforcement agencies will no longer be able to share your information with potential employers, creditors, or anyone from whom may request a background check on you.

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