The Texas Probate Code governs the procedures for handling the probate of a loved one’s will as well as the procedures to establish a guardianship of a person and their estate.  Our lawyers understands that both of these situations require an attorney that can comfortably navigate you through these sometimes complex procedures. We will help you resolve your probate issues in both Galveston County and Harris County.

Probate & Guardianship
Probate and Guardianship Lawyer

Texas Probate:

After you have lost a loved one the named executor in the Will has four years to admit the decedent’s Will into probate.  The idea of going to court, speaking with an attorney, and standing before a judge may frighten a lot of people.  For this reason The Law Office of James Tittle handles all of the in-court representation without the executor’s presence being required.  However, the executor is more than welcome to accompany the attorney in court if they so wish.  Don’t make this difficult time any harder on yourself, hire an attorney that cares about you and your family. Our attorneys handle probate issues in Galveston County, Harris County, and surrounding areas.

Texas Guardianship:

If you have a child that will be reaching the age of majority soon (18 years old), or have a spouse or grandparent that is no longer able to make decisions for themselves, you may need to file an application with the court to have someone named as legal guardian.  After you are named as guardian of the person and/or their estate, you will be allowed to once again take care of your loved one and have the legal protection you need. This process may seem complicated and frightening, but we will guide you through it as quickly and comfortably as possible.

In Texas, there are two types of guardianships. There is a “guardian of the person” as well a “guardian of the estate”. Depending on your situation and needs the attorney will submit an application for one or both of these options. Typically, most individuals that do not have many assets will only apply to become “guardian of the person”. This process is initiated by submitting an application with the court of proper jurisdiction, and becomes final after a hearing where the applicant is named as guardian.

The first step in a guardianship will be to have a medical doctor examine the person for whom you are seeking a guardianship. Our attorneys would be happy to send you a copy of this required form and schedule a meeting with you so that the process can be as quick and seamless as possible. Feel free to submit a message online or give us a call so that we can discuss this process in greater detail. Our attorneys practice guardianship law in both Galveston and Harris County.

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